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The Aeronautical Society of India, Mumbai Branch – Aviation Mentorship Program

Target: Who is it for ?

This program aims to provide mentoring and advice in various streams of Aviation and our programs for each of these groups will be announced from time to time.

You can enrol for our Mentorship Program if you are an Aviation professional, e.g., Pilot, Cabin Crew, Air Traffic Controller, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Doctor, Flight Dispatcher, Safety & Security Personnel, Airport Staff, or a prospective student, or looking for guidance for professional growth.

Purpose of the Mentorship Program:

The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to help students and budding Aviation enthusiasts to achieve success in their careers, by integrating academic learning and real-world experiences, and to become a model for workforce readiness; embraced by the Aviation community.

The goals are:
► Help identify career paths for students and support their professional growth.
► Equip students with the understanding and tools to make ethical and informed decisions.
► Shape students into confident professionals with good leadership, communication, critical thinking, professionalism and other skills important to the transition to the world of work.
► Conduct more research within their field of work
► Provide an opportunity for young professionals to learn and practice professional networking skills.
► Help young professionals identify and pursue opportunities related to their degrees.


Format: What to expect?

The AeSI members comprise of senior, experienced and successful Aviation professionals from all streams of Aviation.

Mentors from each of these streams will offer guidance through the AeSI platform and shall endeavour to answer the queries of the mentees during the dedicated mentorship sessions. The mentees registered for these programs could connect with any of the mentors and members of AeSI thereafter.

We intend to be able to offer mentorship to the following categories:
Flight Attendants
Air Traffic Controllers
Flight Dispatchers
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
Aerospace Engineering Education
Safety and Security Personnel
Airport Management

Date, Venue and time will be announced on this website and at the time of registration. For any queries, email us on