National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition (NACDeC)

Teams shortlisted for Stage-I


The Aeronautical Society of India has recently set-up a Design Division, which shall be the torch bearer for aerospace design professionals to help them scale the professional heights by offering a platform for inter-organisational exchange of ideas, to report professional contributions, to meet, interact and learn from professionals from across the world, and to update and augment professional knowledge.

One of the mandates of this Division is to encourage and nurture Aerospace design related activities in the country, especially among the engineering college students, and encourage them to apply their mind to address challenging aerospace design problems that are relevant to the needs of our country. With this in mind, the Design Division has decided to conduct a National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition (NACDeC) for students.

The competition will be open to teams of undergraduate students of Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering department from IITs, IIST, or any NAC or UGC accredited institutions in India. Each institute can nominate only one team consisting of max. 05 (five) members, and one Faculty mentor. The role of the Faculty mentor is purely administrative in nature, and to liaise with the competition organisers on all policy matters. The Faculty mentor is not supposed to be an active member of the team, or to carry out any specific tasks related to the project.

Schedule of activities:

NACDeC will be conducted in two Stages, as per the following schedule.

First a scan of the filled in Letter of Intent should be e-mailed to, and then the hardcopy should be posted to the address mentioned below:

Prof. Rajkumar S. Pant,
Organizing Secretary, NACDeC
Aerospace Engineering Department,
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076

Stage-I Stage-II
Deadline (2017) Task Deadline (2018) Task
31st Aug Launch of NACDeC 28th Feb Mid-Term Review
30th Sep Submission of Letter of Intent 30th April Final Report Submission
30th Oct Overview Webinar 30th May Shortlisting of teams for Final
30th Nov Submission of Initial Concept 30th June Final Presentation
31st Dec Shortlisting Teams for Stage-II 31st July Declaration of Winners

Host Branch:

The competition will be hosted by the Mumbai Branch of The Aeronautical Society of India. A committee consisting of members of Executive Committee of Design Division and Mumbai Branch will carry out the overview webinar, evaluation of initial concepts, shortlisting of the teams for the final presentation, and declaration of the winners.

Prizes and Certificates:

Description Prize Money
First Prize INR 20000
Second Prize INR 15000
Third Prize INR 10000


In addition to the above prizes, a Trophy will be awarded to each institution to which the top three teams belong.

The members and Faculty mentors of all teams shortlisted for Stage-II of the competition will be given commendation certificates. Further, their return travel expenses for participation in the final presentation will be reimbursed (upto 2AC rail fare for the shortest distance to and –fro the location of final presentation), and suitable accommodation will be provided.

Overview Webinar:

The Overview webinar is planned to be conducted sometime in October 2017, via a video conferencing. This Webinar will allow the participating teams to interact with the representatives of the organisers of NACDeC. The aim of this Webinar is to clarify any doubts that the teams may have related to the rules and regulations of NACDeC, mission requirements, or to seek information and guidance on carrying out the various tasks.

NACDeC Notifications:

The e-mail address will be used for all communications exclusively related to NACDeC. Emails sent to any other address will be ignored.

NACDeC Problem Statement:

The problem statement for NACDeC is listed vide Appendix-I.

Evaluation Criteria:

The competition will be conducted in three stages. The evaluation Criteria for each stage is listed vide Appendix-II. The decisions of the NACDeC organizers about the results will be final and binding on all the competitor teams, and no objections will be accepted.

The deadline for emailing the Mid Term Report for Stage-II evaluation is extended to 00:05 hrs on 05 March 2018. The report (in pdf format) should be e-mailed only at the dedicated e-mail address, i.e.,