Drone workshop

The Aeronautical Society of India, Mumbai Branch
One-Day Drone Workshop
Saturday 23rd June 2018
Venue: Room No # 31, VMCC, IIT Bombay

• The workshop is open to anyone who has a school leaving certificate in Science stream (i.e., Class X upwards).
• Two participants will be paired up at random to form teams, and each team will be taught how to assemble a Palm-top Drone, and learn to fly it using an app on their smartphones.
• Each team will be handed over components of a Drone kit, which will be collected back at the end of the workshop.
• Participants should bring along a fully charged smartphone, with charger. If possible, also bring along a charged power bank.
• There will be a Drone Flying competition at the end of the workshop, and the top two teams will get attractive prizes.

Workshop Instuctions

Workshop Poster